Résumé & Curriculum Vitae Development

Paul Raworth Bennett (NOVA's Founder and Principal) would be happy to personally design and deliver an outstanding résumé or curriculum vitae package for you.

The Strategy
A NOVA résumé will:

  • vividly illustrate your qualifications while directly addressing the employer's needs
  • emphasize benefits and accomplishments over duties and responsibilities
  • provide convincing evidence that you can meet and exceed the demands of the job
  • evoke and sustain powerful, positive mental imagery in the employer's or recruiter's mind
  • highlight your ability to improve the bottom line (if you're an executive-level client) by enhancing revenues, reducing costs, or making other substantial operational improvements
  • contain error-free language whose relevance, thought order, phrasing, word choice, grammar, and visual presentation has been optimized to portray you as strongly as possible
Over the past decade, Paul has written hundreds of résumés for delighted, loyal clients (ranging from entry-level staff to C-level executives) whose success at landing interviews has dramatically improved.  Much of his business is by referral, and many clients return for additional services.  Here's what Paul's clients have had to say.

The Process
After your complimentary initial consultation, the next step is for you to complete an information/contract form, after which Paul will process your payment (fees are due in full before your project begins).  Then he'll create a Questionnaire for you to complete, and after you've returned it will work with you through two draft review/revision cycles.  Finally, Paul will complete your document(s) and email them to you.

In the vast majority of cases, two draft cycles are sufficient.  However, because Paul's top priority is your complete satisfaction, if your situation is especially complex he'll be happy to work with you through additional cycles.

The Deliverables
Although most deliverables include one résumé, one cover letter, and a sheet of references, your package will be designed to meet your specific needs.  For example, your situation might be a complex one requiring Appendices or other addenda.  Or, you might require more than one résumé or cover letter, or some other useful documents.  Perhaps you might benefit from testimonials, in which case Paul would (with your permission) contact the providers directly and invite them to share feedback via questions that he's designed to highlight your strongest qualities.

The Promise
When you hire Paul, rest assured that you've hired a top-flight résumé strategist.  He goes the distance – and then some – for all of his clients in order to maximize their satisfaction, and he enjoys performing additional activities that other résumé specialists typically won't.  For example, sometimes he'll research to discover extra success factors (ones not revealed by job postings, old documents, questionnaires, or phone consultations) that clients never knew they had.

So, Let's Get Started!
Paul will advise you on all of these matters during your complimentary initial telephone consultation.  If possible, please email him your current documents in advance.
Click here for Paul's contact information.

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