Here's what clients have had to say...

Before engaging Paul's services, I had sent out over 100 resumes and received no calls for an interview.  After hiring Paul, I submitted three applications and was immediately called for an interview by all three firms.
Ms. DT, Attorney, San Francisco, California
I must have sent out at least 35 applications, and only landed one interview.  Then I called Paul and I sent out three resumes.  Two of the three companies called me in for an interview, and during both interviews a)the interviewer commented favourably on my resume, and b)I had a firm job offer in hand before walking out of the room.
Mr. MO, Financial Services Advisor, Vancouver, BC
All the people I show (the resume) to are impressed and so am I - the words Paul chooses are excellent!... I am proud to hand in such a resume - it really is a resume of high standard!... I had a rockin' interview yesterday with the people we did the resume for... let's keep our fingers crossed!
Ms. ST, Mediator, Vancouver, BC
The overall presentation of my resume was most attractively formatted... Paul spent a lot of time to make sure that everything was to my satisfaction.  I appreciate him coming out to hand-deliver my final resume.  I will certainly return for any future updates.
Ms. WR, Airline Passenger Services Agent, Richmond, BC
The layout was fantastic!  The cover letter was clear and concise.  I argued with Paul about my resume but he went into great time and detail explaining why he did my resume the way he did.  Paul convinced me that he knew what was the right way to do it!... My resume was wonderful and I got a job right away... I was very pleased... Paul wrote a resume that was just fabulous (even the recruiter commented on it)... I would highly recommend his services.
Ms. AH, Senior Clinical Nurse, San Diego, California 
 I am satisfied with the service provided, the friendly recommendations and Paul's commitment to see to it that I had a resume with which I am happy... very satisfied with the efficiency, especially with the short turnaround time... the dialogue I had with Paul was friendly, professional and practical... I had a short deadline and was very pleased that he stayed focused on my resume... I have already recommended his service to others.
Ms. TG, Teacher, Coquitlam, BC
 I am very happy with the service received.  I feel that Paul gave exceptional service, more than I ever received from other resume companies.  He goes that "extra mile" - it is hard to explain - I did not know before that he is so thorough and we cannot but be successful.  Thank you so much!
Ms. JA, Office Administrator, Vancouver, BC
 I was very impressed with the content and layout of both the resume and the cover letter... the final product was put together very well.
Mr. DC, Auto Sales Professional, Burnaby, BC
Paul, overall, I was very pleased with the final results and would not hesitate in recommending your service to anyone.
Mr. SG, Security Officer, Vancouver, BC 
Very thorough and professionally done... (the project) was completed in a short period of time.  Thanks!
Ms. RE, Emergency Response Coordinator, Delta, BC 

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