LinkedIn Strategy and Personal Branding

LinkedIn Strategy
LinkedIn offers unprecedented opportunities to advance your career.  It's the premier Web community for networking, contributing your expertise, finding jobs or clients, growing your knowledge, assisting other professionals, and receiving timely help in return.

Your résumé and LinkedIn presence are both marketing strategies that are essential to your success, but don't make the mistake of assuming that each is merely a rehash of the other.  They're not!

The vast majority of people on LinkedIn have set up a minimal profile, made a few connections, and not done much else.  And in return, they've received minimal benefits.

Well, the good news is that there are numerous strategies for harnessing the tremendous power of LinkedIn, all of them straightforward and the most effective ones not requiring a paid subscription!

The stages and deliverables for NOVA's LinkedIn solutions are quite different than they are for résumé projects.  Contact Paul and he'd be happy to discuss, during a complimentary initial conversation, what strategies would work best for you.

Personal Branding
A personal branding campaign is one of the most comprehensive and effective investments you can make in your career.  Based on discovering how you are uniquely valuable, creating a plan to express your uniqueness, and then sharing it with the world, personal branding will completely change (and greatly improve) your professional success. 

Reach Communications is the gold standard for personal branding education.  Its founder, William Arruda, was one of the very first to discover the power of personal branding and is widely known as the "personal branding guru".  He frequently writes articles about personal branding and related topics for Forbes magazine.  

Paul began his training in personal branding, brand analysis, and online identity back in 2008.  A graduate of Reach's renowned "Certified Personal Brand Strategist" training program, he's fully qualified to deliver the most effective, up-to-date personal branding services available. 

NOVA's personal branding solutions will incorporate three major phases:  brand assessment, brand development, and brand publicity.  Often, the solution will involve the services of ancillary professionals such as graphic artists, photographers, various coaches, and so on.  To ensure that you receive the best possible results, NOVA vets these individuals before forming business relationships with them, so you can rest assured that you will receive outstanding service throughout your branding project.  

Get in touch with Paul and he'll spend some time talking with you, at no cost, to discuss your personal branding needs. 

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