How brightly do YOU want to shine? 

Since the arrival of the Internet, the path to career success has changed forever.  Nowadays, whether you work for an employer or for yourself, your competitors can come from anywhere on the planet.  So when you're pursuing opportunities, much of the time you'll be competing against a very large crowd.

But there's a better way!  Become a nova among the stars, and employers and clients will come looking for you, rather than the other way around.

It's all about your visibility.  Whether or not you take your rightful place in the nighttime skies depends on your personal branding strategy, of which your résumé and LinkedIn strategy are critical parts. 

There's a nova burning within you.  Let's find it, express it, and put it right up there in the sky.  Sound good to you? 

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Meet the resident wizard...

Paul Raworth Bennett, BCom (Marketing, UBC Sauder School of Business)

Paul is the Founder, Principal, and CSE (Chief Success Engineer) of NOVA Career Strategies.  Over the past 25 years, he's amassed a great deal of knowledge and expertise in diverse fields such as online identity development... marketing... communications... creative writing... résumé writing... technical writing... systems integration consulting... computer programming... and most recently, best practices in personal branding.

After an early career with IBM (as a programmer/analyst), Accenture (as a senior systems integration consultant), and TELOS Engineering (as a technical writer), Paul decided in the year 2000 to dedicate his career, as a résumé specialist, to championing his clients by arming them with knockout personal marketing documents. 

Since the early 2000s, Paul has written hundreds of résumés for delighted, loyal clients (ranging from entry-level staff to C-level executives) whose ability to land interviews has dramatically improved.  Much of his business is by referral, and many clients return for additional services.  Here's what Paul's clients have to say.

The résumé is only one tool in the kit, so Paul later decided to expand his offerings.  He holds four professional certifications (the first three from personal branding vanguard, Reach Communications):
  • Certified Personal Branding Strategist (2015)

  • 360Reach Analyst (2009, 2015)

  • Online Identity Strategist (2010)
  • CPRW (Certified Professional Résumé Writer) (2003)

is very excited to be offering personal branding services!

A creative, enthusiastic, friendly guy and one-time mountaineer, Paul loves to cycle, write, and savour the great outdoors.  Oh, and he loves to laugh and have fun.  After all, if we worry too much about life, we'll never get out of it alive!

Check out Paul's LinkedIn profile, or contact him directly!

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